On Quest: Intensity Of Love towards Nature & Quest


Far moving this mind streams,no rest to spare a long vacation,but the core is here to induce a new theory to raise the new found planet,(with my new senses),the sparkling areas that attract a domain pole of amazement,the ornateness of those green upon the forest boughs and its attracting flowers of peaceful smiles.It will make me happy-happy more to imbibe the aesthetic beauty in some falling lines,when I have hold a pen to write my feelings upon a white imaginary region,is unobserved as silence,that I have felt as in tranquility to beautify the soul.I had a walk through the foggy pastures,this morning to scan the meaning of it—the quintessence of it,the lightness of it,that makes a true living society pure.There was it in a village side,the very lowest part of Earth,where I was born,where I loved the birds of nature,the reliable realms of the world,when in my childhood days,where innocence that played most among the solitary thoughts that caught in this writing passage, I mentioned each and every surprise I had met in life,new and old,rare and vivid as I am going to turn up the folded mind to uncover.It was tough for the morning to pass a laugh,but I laugh as I always,for a favor to ‘ignorance‘,those who have that and know its actual meaning,but hide it in a secret pile of anxiety.But for who wants to excavate the’gist of knowledge’ is only an effort leads the rest.For literally say, I bury and dig at a same time in the midst of reason and mistakes(my child,sometimes it becomes my parent).Now I am not dying away so sooner in want of bread and water,but I live in the ‘Forest’,looking the stars and the sun,the entire planets to fathom the pith of uprising wonders that live in the fading parts of the universe,and have a strong aim to work for the welfare of these gathering kids of indolence.